Parish Council

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Parish Council

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council shall be to facilitate communication and cooperation between the Pastor of Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church Parish, and the members of the Parish Pastoral Council; to counsel the Pastor on the actual pastoral ministry of the Parish; to ensure the right of the lay members of the Parish to be heard on matters of concern over the well-being of the Parish; to provide leadership for the Parish; and to coordinate the long-term planning for the future of Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Parish.

Statement of Policy and Intent
It is the policy and intent of the Parish Pastoral Council that the deliberations and discussions of the Council shall culminate in a consensus among the members of the Council and the Pastor as to the course of action to be taken in any given situation. It shall be the duty of the members of the Council to become informed on issues which come before the Council so that competent advice can be given. It is desired that the Pastor will give careful consideration to the views of the members of the Council on matters of pastoral ministry. It is further the policy that the process of consensus building shall work toward the goal of arriving at a decision that is the most acceptable to the largest number of the members of the Council. While votes on issues are not discouraged, the Council should, through thoughtful deliberation and prayerful discernment, seek a consensus with as many members as possible. The intent of these guidelines for the operation of the Council is that the Pastor shall fully participate in the deliberations and discussion of matters before the Council; that the Council be discouraged from forcing decisions upon an unwilling Pastor; and that the Pastor be discouraged from making decisions arbitrarily without regard to the sentiment of the Council and the membership of the Church. The Pastor will always have the responsibility of final determination of all matters coming before the Parish Pastoral Council. Click here for a full copy of the By-Laws.

Members of the Council
The Parish Council is comprised of 9 members: six elected members (or chosen by lottery), two appointed members, and the Pastor. An election occurs each year where two new (or re-newed) members join the council and serve a 3 year term.

The Parish Council meets, for the most part, the third Monday of every month. Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting. If someone has a topic that would like to be addressed at a meeting, he/she should contact the president and ask to be placed on the agenda a week before the next scheduled meeting.

View current Parish Council Minutes, CLICK HERE.