Littlest Angel Catholic Gifts Cabinet

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                                                         Littlest Angel Catholic Gifts Cabinet

With the summer approaching check out all the available family-fun DVDs to rent.

With graduation approaching, I have spiritual leather braceletes, for both boys and girls, with a "pledge" card available; leather bracelets are all differnt; I have expandable bracelets for girls with a great charm encouraging students to be "kind, powerful, generous"...etc.; colorful prayer bead bracelets; and chocolate candy bars like last year with the words, "Your'e Awesome", or "You're Amazing."

With Father's Day approaching, I have Catholic baseball caps, tee shirts that say "Real Men Pray," insulated water thermoses, and two doormats one in tan, and the other in grey: I am taking orders for the dorrmats for the next three weeks. $25

One of the newer items available is a twistable beaded rosary bracelet, for $20, offered in many colors. Special orders available.

The cabinet will also be having another children's table sale soon. Items will be no more than $1 to $2......The table did very well last year; would love to see more kids if possible.

Thanks again for making The Littlest Angel Catholic Gifts Cabinet a success!