Confirmation Preparation

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Holy Flame ts

Holy Flame ts

Confirmation preparation is offered every three years to those that are 13 years of age at the time of the celebration. St. John the Baptist uses a one year preparation program that uses a day-retreat format over the traditional classroom setting. Candidates are also expected to fill requirements of Christian stewardship and Catholic-based retreats prior to reception of the sacrament. 


St. John the Baptist Catholic Church requires the following: 

  • Must be an active member of the Church THAT HAS REGISTERED FOR CONFIRMATION.
  • Registration opens in Spring 2017
  • Participate in yearly ongoing faith formation (LifeTeen/Edge). Continuing catechesis is strongly encouraged following the reception of the sacrament to deepen the knowledge of the faith.
  • Participate in Confirmation catechesis. This will be outside the weekly required LifeTeen/Edge participation.
  • Attend one Confirmation Retreat
  • Complete 25 service hours.
  • Select a saint name. The Candidate will be required to produce a brief biography and explanation of their choice.
  • Make up for any missed formation or catechesis prior to the celebration of the sacrament. 

Upcoming Events

 There is not a scheduled confirmation this year at St. John's. Confirmation will be in Spring 2018.



Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't even know if I want to get confirmed. What do I do now?

Many people face tough questions when it comes to confirmation-- do I want to get confirmed? I am ready to make that committment? Am I really meant to do this? 

The best way to answer these questions is to go through the confirmation process! The Sacrament of Confirmation widens us spiritually to allow us to receive the gifts and grace of God more deeply and more fully, and the formation you receive along the way is part of what makes that possible. The things that you will experience and learn in this year of preparation will answer a lot of questions, give you a lot of knowledge about the faith, and give you the opportunity to grow in your understanding of the sacrament.

If you are questioning whether or not confirmation is right for you, please contact the confirmation coordinator or Pastor so we can give you more information about the preparation process and answer any questions you may have. 


I have a lot of sport/club/activity conflicts with the schedule. What do I do now? 

Even candidates involved in sports/clubs/activities are still expected to meet all diocesan requirements before the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation. If you will have multiple schedule conflicts because of games, recitals, etc., contact the confirmation coordinator so some kind of agreement can be reached.