Who Are We?

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Caring, Sharing, Growing in Grace

We are one community, Catholic and universal, having our roots in the salvific acts of God as witnessed in the Old and New Testaments. We live in continuity with this sacred apostolic heritage and reflect especially on the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. We are spiritually nourished by our individual and communal relationship with the Lord. The sacraments, outward signs of God’s inward grace, lead us on the path to holiness. Our lives are rooted in the celebration of the Eucharist. We take part in the apostolic mission of the Church through teaching and evangelization. We share our spirit and our gifts with each other, as an expression of our faith and heritage. We build up the Body of Christ, the Catholic Church, by being good stewards of the blessings we have graciously received from God. We take part in the mission of evangelization that is part of the baptismal call of each Christian as we share our faith and reach out to those of other beliefs. 

We Value 

• Faith, strengthened through a greater understanding of our Catholic heritage and deeper commitment to personal and communal prayer;
• Worship, especially through the full, conscious, and active participation of the faithful in the celebration of the Church’s liturgy;
• Teaching, bringing the Gospel to life through our educational and faith formation ministries;
• Evangelization, which addresses those who seek the fullness of faith and those who have not yet heard the gospel;
• Stewardship, which is demonstrated by managing our resources – Time, Talent, and Treasure – in justice and love;
• A Catholic community committed to transforming the world by proclaiming Christ and the teachings of His Church.

Our Patron Saint

John, son of Elizabeth and Zechariah; his birth is celebrated annually on June 24; Cousin of Jesus; only other saint besides the Blessed Virgin Mary to have a birthday celebrated in the liturgical year. John is presented in the New Testament as the last of the Old Testament prophets. His martyrdom is celebrated annually on August 29.